Spitfire Colours


The table below shows the original colour availability for each of the five Triumph Spitfire marks. A dash (-) in the table indicates that the colour was not available for that model. However I have been notified of a few cars that appear to contradict the availability information presented here. I can’t explain this – maybe they were special orders?

The background colour of each row is an approximation of the paint colour. I’ve tried to get the colours as accurate as possible, but they are obviously affected by the brightness and contrast of your monitor.

See what the colours look like on a picture of a Spitfire 1500.

I am indebted to the Rimmer Brothers Spitfire Parts Catalogue for the original information. And to Monica Glinski, FranÇois Demont (from Amicale Spitfire), Philip Warburton and Corey Sherman who supplied information on the colours I was missing.

However the Mallard Blue controversy continues… I’ve received an email from Jim who says that his Mallard ‘Blue’ car looks different to my sample below – like British Racing Green but bluer is how he described it. Has anyone else got a view on this?

The Colour Table

Colour Colour
White 19 ’63-’64 All Yrs All Yrs All Yrs ’74-’77
Leyland White NAF ’77-’80
Spa White No code ’62-’63
Sienna Brown 23 ’69-’70 ’70-’74
Russet Brown 93/AAE ’77-’80
Maple Brown 83 ’74-’77
Vermillion Red CAE ’77-’80
Carmine Red 82
(82/CAA for 1500)
’72-’74 All Yrs
Damson Red 17 ’68-’69 ’70-’72
Pimento Red 72 ’72-’74 ’74-’77
Signal Red 32 All Yrs All Yrs All Yrs ’70-’71
Flamenco Red CAD ’77
Cherry Red 22 ’63-’64
Topaz Orange 84 ’74-’77
Inca Yellow 94/FAB ’77-’80
Jasmine Yellow 34 ’68-’69
Jonquil Yellow 14 ’63-’64
Mimosa Yellow 64 ’73-’74 ’74-’77
Pale Yellow
No code ’62-’63
Saffron Yellow 54 ’70 ’70-’71
Emerald Green 65 ’72-’74
Laurel Green 25 ’68-’70 ’70-’71
Conifer Green 25 ’63-’64 All Yrs ’67-’68
Lichfield Green 45 ’62-’63
Java Green 85/HAB ’74-’77
British Racing Green 75 ’74-’77
Brooklands Green HAE ’77-’80
French Blue 126 ’72-’74 ’74-’77
Powder Blue No code ’62-’63
Royal Blue 56 ’64 All Yrs All Yrs
Sapphire Blue 76 ’70-’74
Delft Blue 136 ’74-’77
Pageant Blue JAE ’77-’80
Tahiti Blue 146/JAE ’77
Valencia Blue 66 ’68-’70 ’70-’71
Wedgwood Blue 26 ’63-’64 All Yrs All Yrs ’70-’71
Mallard Blue 106 ’72-’74
(See Note 1 below)
Magenta 92 ’73-’74
Phantom Grey 38 ’62-’63
Black 11 All Yrs ’64-’65


Note 1

We now have a 1974 example of a Spitfire 1500 delivered from the factory in Mallard Blue with colour code 106 in the manual and stamped on the plate.


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