Fuel Consumption With Leaded Fuel

The Graph

This graph show the fuel consumption averages for the first few months with my Triumph Spitfire when it ran on leaded petrol (4-star).

Graph of Triumph Spitfire consumption of leaded fuel (4-star)

Graph of Triumph Spitfire consumption of leaded fuel (4-star)

Follow this link to see the values that generated this graph.

Explanation of the Figures

The consumption figures are in miles per litre (mpl) as this is the easiest values to record in the UK now fuel is sold in litres. But for those who prefer miles per gallon (mpg) figures, a UK gallon is approx 4.5 litres. So:

9 mpl = 40.5 mpg
8 mpl = 36 mpg
7 mpl = 31.5 mpg
6 mpl = 27 mpg

Car Usage During This Period

During this time I was living in Kent and so the driving was mainly on open roads with very little town or city mileage. The final average for the whole of this period was 7.48 miles per litre.

Significant events during this period:

  • Early August 1998 – New clutch.


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