Spitfire Fun & Games

Car Colour Picker

Car Colour PickerVisit the Car Colour Picker. You may have found this page already. It enables you to try out loads of colours on a line drawing of a Spitfire, along with a number of backgrounds. The colours I’ve chosen have all been available on Spitfire marks at some time or another. Follow this link to see a table showing the full colour availability for the different Spitfire marks.

Car Code Game

Car Code GameVisit the Car Code game. This is a game of logic and skill. It’s based on the Mastermind board game in that you have to guess the hidden random code that your browser allocates – except that in this version you use coloured Spitfires instead of plastic pegs. When you think you’ve guessed it the browser will check your selection and give you a score. Using the clues in the score you can refine your selections until you guess correctly.


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