Car Code Game

Try to guess the hidden code. Select the colours by clicking on the coloured cars and then on the board. See help for more details.

Apologies to those who are unable to use a mouse - this game is tyricky to use without one. A new version of the game is being developed which will be fully operable with mouse or keyboard.


Secret Row
Secret Row
Secret Row
Secret Row
Select Carmine Red Select Java Green Select Powder Blue Select Magenta Select Mimosa Yellow Select Delft Blue Check row New game
Colour selected: None

Help for the Car Code game.


The game is very similar to the board game known as ‘Mastermind’ but you play with coloured Spitfires instead of plastic pieces.

At the start of each game, your computer will allocate a secret colour code using the 6 colours shown below the main board. You won’t see the combination as it’s hidden beneath the question marks and you have to guess it using the clues that you are given.

Playing the Game

Once the computer has allocated the code you need to try to guess it. To position your colour selections on the board first click on one
of the coloured cars beneath the main board (a message will tell you which colour you’ve selected) and then click on one of the squares on the current row on the board. The current row is indicated by the yellow arrow.

The secret code can consist of more than one car of the same colour. If you select a colour you can drop it onto a square in the current row even if you’ve already selected a colour for that square – the computer won’t take any interest until you ask it to check the row. Also if you have no colour selected and you click on a previously allocated square in the current row the coloured car will be removed.

When you’ve selected the colours you’re totally happy with click the ‘Check Row’ button and the computer will score your guess. Please note there must be at a colour in each position.

Scoring the Row

This is the bit where the computer tells you how well you’ve done.

For every coloured car that you have placed in the correct position, you will be awarded one black blob. Then, the computer will check to see if you have any of the right colour cars but in the wrong place. For each one of these that it finds it will award you one white blob. Check this example:

Example of the scoring from the Car Code Game

Scoring the Car Code Game

This shows a part of the board after someone (me) has successfully guessed the combination. When you do guess correctly the computer will show you the code it allocated.

The computer has scored row 1 as follows: It checks each position in turn and finds that only one colour (the green) is in the right place – so you get 1 black blob. Then ignoring the green one it looks to see if there are any other colours that are correct but in the wrong place. In this case there is one (the red) so it awards 1 white blob. The light blue and the magenta are completely wrong so you get nothing for them.

The same principle holds true in row 2 – the yellow and dark blue are in the right place, and there is a red one
but in the wrong place. Hence the score – 2 black and 1 white.

Hopefully that’s all you need to know – Good Luck!.