Spitfire Hints & Tips


Triumph Spitfire Near Lake Vyrnwy

Spitfire = Fun

Here are some ideas that may make your life with a Triumph Spitfire a bit easier or better. They are mainly based on my own personal experience but some have also come from emails I have received and other articles in magazines. I’ve also included advice I’ve been given by other Triumph Spitfire owners at classic car shows.

Of course these ideas are just suggestions and I can accept no responsibility for any unforeseen consequences that may follow.


The ideas are laid out in three sections with a page for each one – buying a Triumph Spitfire, actually owning a Triumph Spitfire, and selling a Triumph Spitfire.

Photo of Triumph Spitfire - Rear View

Our Triumph Spitfire was our transportation for our honeymoon in South Wales. Here it's at a guest house on the Gower Peninsula.

You can use this list of links to jump straight to the section you are interested in:

  1. Buying a Triumph Spitfire
    1. Join a Triumph Club
    2. Don’t buy the first car you see
    3. Read and use a buyer’s guide
    4. Take a magnet with you when you go to view a car
  2. Owning a Triumph Spitfire
    1. Ensure your cooling system is working properly
    2. Fit a Kenlowe fan
    3. Ensure that your car has deflector boards in front of the radiator
    4. Tweaking the tyre pressures can improve ride and handling
    5. Watch out for speed bumps
    6. Learn how to stow the hood properly
    7. Life with a hard-top
    8. Fit an electric windscreen washer pump
    9. Maybe a ‘single wipe’ switch for the wipers
    10. Resist the temptation to have a luggage rack on the boot lid
  3. Selling a Triumph Spitfire
    1. Watch out for the foreign buyer scam


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