Triumph Spitfire Front View 1

The Triumph Spitfire has such a distinctive shape and every angle seems to show a different characteristic. I guess that’s a product of good design. For me, the bonnet of the car was the best bit. Although arguably the side view is more pleasing this front view is pretty good too.

A close up shot like this does show up the faults in the car though. This photo was taken in late August 1998 when I’d only had the car a couple of weeks. You can see a number of chips and rust spots emerging and some stress cracking next to the right headlight – a common feature on Triumph Spitfires.

Notice also the slightly uneven line of the bonnet and bumper. Also the different height of the indicator/sidelight cluster on each side.

The photos was taken on Crook Road just north of Brenchley in Kent. You can’t see from this photo but the road runs east to west along a ridge and looking north from this spot you have a superb view over the weald of Kent and the Medway Valley over to the North Downs and Yalding. This spot was one of my favourite views when I lived in Tunbridge Wells.


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