Triumph Spitfire in Rural Lincolnshire

Photo of Triumph Spitfire in rural Lincolnshire

Triumph Spitfire at a Farm in Lincolnshire

During our drive through Lincolnshire on the way to Yorkshire we took a detour to a tiny village called Elsthorpe near Bourne. The reason was that my uncle who was once a farmer used to work on the farm in this picture many years ago and I wanted to see it again.

I had been to stay at the farm for a few days whilst I was still at junior school and the experience of living on a farm is etched into my mind. The tiny cottage in which they used to live had unfortunately been demolished some years earlier. It was located just behind the gate on the left where the large plastic-coated bundles of (presumably) hay are stacked.

Amazingly whilst I was taking this photo a woman emerged from the farmhouse behind me who lived on the farm when I’d visited some 30 years previously.

The lanes in this area are extremely muddy and narrow but my Spitfire has been cleaned by a recent rain shower and it gleams in the returning sunshine. At this stage the windscreen wiper blades had started to be a bit temperamental – a situation that would come to a head about an hour later when they stopped altogether – see Roadside Maintenance.


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