Triumph Spitfire Near Lake Vyrnwy 1

Photo of Triumph Spitfire near Lake Vyrnwy 1

Between Bala and Vyrnwy

This photograph shows me at the wheel of my Triumph Spitfire on the lonely road that winds through the hills from Bala towards Lake Vyrnwy. As you can see, the scenery is breathtaking. I think that we’re just outside the Snowdonia National park here but not by much.

After leaving Bala I don’t think we passed a single car on the journey down to Vyrnwy – just as well given the width of the road. There are of course plenty of sheep with very little road sense so you do need to take it easy on this route.

A few miles further on we entered a wood and the road started the steady descent to Lake Vyrnwy. I stopped again to take another picture which you can see at Near Lake Vyrnwy 2.


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