Triumph Spitfire Near Lake Vyrnwy 2

Photo of Triumph Spitfire near Lake Vyrnwy 2

Between Bala and Vyrnwy

Taken just a few miles further on than Near Lake Vyrnwy 1 this picture shows my Triumph Spitfire on the narrow road from Bala to Vyrnwy as it descends into the valley in which Lake Vyrnwy sits.  The wood seems to go on for ever and the road gets much steeper in the distance.

Lake Vyrnwy and Liverpool

The Lake Vyrnwy area is a magical place – a large man-made lake in a beautiful setting. But it’s purpose is much more utilitarian as the Vyrnwy river was dammed here to supply fresh water to Liverpool in 1888. The water flows to Liverpool (some 68 miles away!) through 4 parallel pipes which eventually pass under the River Mersey.

The Vyrnwy dam has historical engineering significance in that it was the first large stone-built dam in the UK. It also releases excess water over the top of the dam rather than channels at the side.


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