Spitfire in Richmond Park

Photo of Triumph Spitfire in Richmond Park

One of the first photos I ever took of my Triumph Spitfire – in Richmond Park – August 1998. The smile on my (now) wife’s face tells you how much fun driving around in a Triumph Spitfire was – especially on a warm sunny day.

Having just cleaned the car the bodywork looks superb but if you look closely you can see some cracking and rusting around the headlight surrounds. This is one of the common places for rusting on a Triumph Spitfire. And the enormous bonnet flexes considerably when it’s raised which can ultimately lead to cracking in places.

This picture is one of the very few I have showing the tonneau cover in use. I quickly stopped using it as it took up a fair amount of space in the boot or behind the seats. It was also fiddly to fit – especially on cooler days when it wasn’t so flexible. In the end I found it was quicker to put the soft top back up when I parked the car. That arrangement was also more secure as the tax disc was very easy to steal with just the tonneau fitted.

The tonneau cover I owned had the central zip fitted so that if driving solo you could expose just the driver’s side and cover the passenger side. Driving like this for any distance was a cosy and warm experience given the amount of heat that the engine generated and the lack of any thermal insulation between the engine and passenger compartments.


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