Triumph Spitfire – Roadside Maintenance

Photo of Triumph Spitfire - Roadside Maintenance

Triumph Spitfire – Windscreen Wiper Maintenance

In this photo I’m wrestling with the cables attached to the windscreen wiper motor of my Triumph Spitfire. During a journey across Lincolnshire the windscreen wipers had become very temperamental and eventually they stopped altogether with the wiper blades up vertically across the windscreen as you can see from the picture. What you can’t see in the picture is the fine misty rain that was occasionally falling, and this combined with the position of the wiper blades made some maintenance a necessity.

Once I’d got the bonnet up, it appeared that one of the cables had come loose from the terminals on the wiper motor and surprisingly it was actually rather tricky to get it to go back on. But eventually I managed to persuade it back on and we were able to continue our journey safely.

Some years later I experienced a similar problem with a cable to the starter motor on a Triumph Stag which kept dropping off every few months. These little problems are usually not difficult to fix – once you’ve worked out what the problem is.


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